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How to Build a Good Student, Person and Athlete at ASC

There will come a time in every child’s life when they will choose what it means to be “good” in areas that feel important to them. Youth are constantly changing, growing, and adapting to their environment, so how do we as a community make sure they receive messages that will boost their ability to become the best they can be? Arizona Sports Complex (ASC) believes the steps toward achieving excellence are through first, being a good person, then a good student, and finally, applying the skills learned by the first two into becoming a good athlete.

Arizona Sports Complex has recently incorporated Character Building Lessons into each week’s curriculum. We believe it is important for kids to not only learn about the game, but to also learn how characteristics like integrity, teamwork, and commitment can be developed off the field as well. Establishing a solid foundation that reflects what it means to be a “good person” ensures a child’s role in society and on a team will never go unnoticed. This role will far outweigh any other position they will take in their life due to the fact that it most closely resembles their own individual personality. As great as it is to cheer for your son or daughter who just won their soccer game, it warms the hearts of the entire crowd in attendance to see them shaking hands with the opposing players, congratulating them on a job well done. ASC isn’t just trying to develop superstars, we’re trying to nurture superheroes.

The philosophy believes the second step toward becoming a good athlete is by being a good student. Learning disciplinary study habits and organization through time management are a few ways to succeed in the classroom. A child’s curiosity is the source of their own understanding, so it’s important that they’re guided in the right direction. Studies show that by acting appropriately in class and paying attention to the given lessons, a child will ultimately improve as a student. Another important skill is practicing perseverance because, even if a child is struggling, they need to learn how to find a way to make sure they satisfy their responsibilities. Can these skills be applied during a practice session with the hopes of supplying the same result? Of course! Habits that contribute to excellence in an academic environment can be used under any circumstances, in this case, towards being a good athlete.

Professional soccer player Lionel Messi once said, “Something deep in my character allows me to take the hits, and get on with trying to win.” Messi talks about character relating to his values and who he has decided to be as a person, which are the driving force behind what allows him to be great at what he does. He has also talked about how he can take hits and move on due to the perseverance instilled in himself.

Every athlete has a goal. And, according to our philosophy, the steps to becoming the best individual and athlete possible are in order of first, being a good person, then a good student, and then they can be the best athlete possible.

How do you encourage your child to be the best person and athlete possible? Tell us by commenting on our Facebook page! Check out Arizona Sports Complex for more information on indoor youth sports programs.

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